Lucyx is a free client for the european free satellite internet service offered by Sat@Once. The official Sat@Once client is called Casablanca and is only available for the Windows™ platform. Lucyx's goal is to get a completely free and portable client implementation with (almost) all of the Casablanca's features.


Sat@Once broadcasts data using IP over DVB. Site contents are packed in RAR archives (switching to CAB packaging is planned) and sent using a slightly modified TFTP protocol (RFC1350, RFC2090, RFC2347, RFC2348, RFC2349) using multicast on UDP. Transmission plans are sent using the same protocol in the "announcements" files in XML format.


Lucyx is a very young project. At the moment it's only able to listen to the data stream and dump all packed sites and announcements files to disk. A quick and dirty announcements files parser is also included.


By now you can access Lucyx's source code only through CVS. When it enters Alpha developement stage, the source will be released in tarballs, too.

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